Anonymous said: I have a new tumblr and I don't want this to be the first thing that shows up on it, but I noticed something last night and I was wondering if you could include it. Snow mentioned that her dad and mom honeymooned at that one place (can't remember what it's called right now) and literally the first thing I thought of was "dear god did he bring regina there too omg gross ugh poor regina". Which was sad because I actually love Snow and Charming and I liked that they conceived Emma in what should

have been a special place and yet I was thinking “ew gross that’s probably where leopold took regina too”. So I couldn’t even enjoy it. *sigh* Fuck you, King Leopold.

It was the Summer Palace, and tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if Leopold didn’t ever take Regina there, because that was his and Eva's special place, and he didn't want the unfavorite wife ruining his shrine to the dead wife.  In “Heart of Darkness,” Regina was en route to the Summer Palace when Snow tried to assassinate her (and Charming stopped her, and then got arrested by George's men, and Regina had to drop what she was doing to go save his ass and use him to get Snow to eat the apple), and I kinda can't help but think that she was going to purposely defile all traces of Leopold and Eva there.  Like, if Leopold had dragged her there numerous times to pretend that she was Eva, I just feel like she would have burned the place to the ground.  But if he never let her step foot there because she wasn't “worthy,” I can see her going there fairly often and destroying all of Eva's shit.

Either way, though, can we agree that Leopold is an ass for having a palace built right around the corner from a gorgon’s lair?!?  I mean damn man, there had to be better locations in the entirety of his kingdom than there.

Anonymous said: King Leopold's favorite song is blurred lines by robin thicke.


friendly reminder that King Leopold didn’t have time to attend his wife’s funeral but plenty of time to scourge the land for a new one.


So I just finished up my Once Upon a Time season two re-watch, and I had the subtitles on for the last few episodes, and you guys, I’m pretty sure that King Leopold is the one who transcribed these subtitles, because:


This is from “The Evil Queen”, and it is most definitely Queen Regina who is speaking here, especially considering that Queen Eva has been dead for several years at this point.  I could forgive one time, but then it happens again later in the same episode:


Again, Queen Eva has been dead for at least five years at this point, probably closer to ten, and it is Queen Regina who is groaning in that tent after being cut with a dirty blade.  But then, considering how little love or care King Leopold showed for his second wife, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s messed up the subtitles and called Regina by the wrong name.

Oh, and he does the same thing to someone else, too:


This is from “And Straight on ‘Til Morning”, and it’s definitely Leroy who’s sassing Mr. Clark here, not William Smee.  So I guess that tells us how much King Leopold cares about dwarfs and and pirates and getting their names right.

(Also, yes, I took pictures of my television for these caps.  My box set is blu-ray, and none of our computers have blu-ray.  Deal with it.)

King Leopold believes that a woman of color speaking above a whisper and using grown-up words is being hostile regardless of what she’s actually saying.

But if King Leopold wants hostile, I’ll give him hostile.


With your derailing ass.

I hope Minnie bakes you a pie.

King Leopold uses the last of the toilet paper and doesn’t change the roll.


I hope you step in a turd!

King Leopold boycotts Ebony magazine for not featuring enough white people.

To top it off, he’s the one who said to “Make it yourself” if we wanted to see more positive representations of Black folks in media.


I hope a little Black kid pours orange soda all over your bald pate.

Whenever a former child star comes out of the closet, King Leopold gets on Twitter and gripes about how his childhood has been ruined by the gay agenda.

Fuck you, King Leopold!

I hope you step on the gay Lego with your bare feet every day for the rest of your life!

Oh wait, you’re dead! Ha ha! Fuck you, King Leopold!

With your dead ass.

You know how all day Wednesday, you think it’s Thursday, which makes you happy because the next day should be Friday?

King Leopold reminds you that it’s only Wednesday, destroying all your hopes and dreams.

Fuck you, King Leopold! Nobody asked you!

You know that guy who is voting about reproductive rights but couldn’t find the vagina on that doll? Guess who he worked for. That’s right: King Leopold!

Fuck you, King Leopold!

You no-vagina-finding bastard!

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